Lucky Cat Gear

&The Grand View Project

Update: The skeleton of the site is up. Not quite to ordering stage.

Please feel free to poke around. Would Love Any input. Email me directly @ ALEXANDER@LUCKYCATGEAR.COM.
To learn more about the Grand View Project visit BERRYVILLESQUARE.COM

Site is down for complete rebuild.

We will reopen with Lucky Cat Fashions and an entirely new site.

I’m in the random blocks stage right now, so if you look at the site you’re going to see a lot of template stuff that has nothing to do with anything. Keep checking back. We will reopen with the release of a new work. Black Cat Protector from Evil.

These Are some of the Designs I’ll be offering

Lucky Cat Gear was created to fund

The Grand View Project

Sales go toward funding the restoration of the 1902 Grand View Hotel.


The Luckiest Color for General Good Fortune


The Black Lucky Cat Lures Away Evil Spirits, Protects From Spells and Stalkers


Brings Health, Happiness, Purity, and Positive Energy


Brings Happiness and Passion to Relationships


Brings Good Fortune in Love and Romance


Brings Wisdom and Academic Success


Brings Wisdom and Academic Success


Brings Wealth and Financial Success