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Our Mission

The goal of The Grand View Project is to restore the 1902 Grand View Hotel as an art and animation learning center, with production based instruction, open to all skill levels.

The building is on a registered historical town square, but has undergone multiple changes during it’s 117 year life and does not qualify for federal restoration grants.

It’s in a rural town with limited commercial prospects, so bank funding is not an option.

The only way to get this important work done is to raise funds independently.

This has given birth to, original Lucky Cat designs, with profits going towards the restoration of the Grand View Hotel.

Learn More and get a look inside the Grand View.

Who We Are

Our Designs are original and available only from us. Not on Amazon, Ebay, or Pinterest.

All our T-shirts are printed in America, when you order, and guaranteed.

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Crawdaddy and Rex Tell Our Story

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Lucky Cat Art

Asia is a big part of my past. The first place on earth that I remember is the Philippines and I went to Jr High at a DOD school in Sasebo Japan.  The art and culture of Japan are part of who I am. Lucky Cats make me happy. They are like a Japanese touch stone for me. I wanted to create art that was optimistic and uplifting which made Lucky Cats a natural outlet.   (more

All my Lucky Cat designs are original and I have spent years working on them. Creating and painting my designs brings me great joy. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them and that having them in your life brings you much Good Fortune.





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Become a Part of the Dream

 If you want to become part of our animation family. I’ll be making some announcements about working with us in the coming months. If you email me I’ll make sure you stay up to date.

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