What Will Crawdaddy’s Next Feature Be? You Decide!

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This is not your “Off the shelf Lucky Cat” These Lucky Cats are individually crafted with great care. View the second video on this page to see the process of creating these Lucky Cats.

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Crawdaddy’s Serious Side:

Crawdaddy’s Poetry Corner


Crawdaddy’s Comical Side:

Drum Roll

Crawdaddy's Poetry Corner
Poetry Corner
Crawdaddy's Drum Roll
Drum Roll
Vote For Crawdaddy's Next Feature
Vote For Crawdaddy's Next Feature

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Creating Crawdaddy’s work takes a great deal of personal and computer rendering time. There are two short features in the pipeline right now. I’d like to focus on one, so I’m offering you the chance to chose which feature comes first. I will continue to work on both features until I see a direction from the voting and then I will focus on that feature.


Once Crawdaddy’s next feature is completed. The winner will be selected at random. The winner will be contacted to find out the desired color. Then I will paint and finish the Lucky Cat for you. Runner up will receive a $25 coupon for you to pick out your Crawdaddy merchandise From LuckyCatGear.com