I created Lucky Cat Gear to make a platform for my designs and to raise funding to support the restoration of the 1902 Grand View Hotel, to become an Art Center and Animation School. This is a true labor of love and I have invested everything I have, and more years than I care to think about, in pursuit of this ambition.

It is my hope to make a center that will truly be a place where artists can get their start and follow their dreams, in an low, or no cost, environment. Know that by purchasing our products you are supporting a very worthy cause. Learn more at  BerryvilleSquare.com

Get great Lucky Cat Gear and help fund The Grand View Project!

The goal of The Grand View Project is to restore the 1902 Grand View Hotel as an art and animation learning center with production based instruction, open to all skill levels. The building is on a registered historical town square, but because it has undergone multiple changes during it’s 117 year life, it does not qualify for federal restoration grants. Because it is in a rural town with limited commercial prospects, bank funding is also not an option. The only way to get this important work done is to raise funds independently. This has given birth to LuckyCatGear.com, original Lucky Cat designs, with profits going towards the restoration of the Grand View Hotel.